A Comic Vision of
Great Constancy
Stories about Unlocking the Wisdom of Everyman
A Reading of “The Knight’s Tale”
and A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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About the Author

Alan Griesinger taught junior and senior high students at Naples Central School in Naples, New York for twenty-eight years. His work with junior high students served as a ten year crash course in the art of teaching. On the eleventh year, the administration asked him to teach the advanced placement course offered to seniors. This change sparked a renaissance for him in the teaching of literature. Over the next eighteen years he discovered through trial and error that the government of the classroom was more successful when the curriculum encouraged the students to study the three things with which they were most concerned—love, love, love (as the Beatles put it). The comic vision presented here and in his first book derive from countless lessons in the classroom and from subsequent research into questions about government that those experiences raised.